Recommended Books

Recommended books relevant to your journey

Title Author Published Synopsis
Conversations with God Part 1 Neale Donald Walsch 1995 Your life as an individual
Conversations with God Part 2 Neale Donald Walsch 1997 Collective life on the planet
Conversations with God Part 3 Neale Donald Walsch 1998 The Cosmology, the whole picture, the journey of the soul
Friendship with God Neale Donald Walsch 1999 God is your friend, he is not to be feared
Communion with God Neale Donald Walsch 2000 The ten illusions of man
The New Revelations Neale Donald Walsch 2002 Stepping back from the brink
Tomorrow's God Neale Donald Walsch 2006 The new spirituality
Home with God Neale Donald Walsch 2006 What happens when your body dies
Conversations with God Part 4: Awaken the species Neale Donald Walsch 2017 Sustainable society
Angels Kyle Gray 2015 How to see, hear and feel your Angels
Angels and my Fingertips Lorna Byrne 2017 Growing closer to your Guardian Angel
A message of hope from the Angels Lorna Byrne 2012 Hope makes the impossible possible
The Secret Rhonda Byrne 2006 How to request help