What We Believe.

We believe that Spiritworld exists and is populated with Spirits who want to commiunicate with their loved ones on earth.

We believe that Mediums are genuinely receiving messages from people that have passed over.

We believe in reincarnation, a person’s soul can return to earth in another body.

We don’t believe (like some religions do) that reincarnation happens immediately.

We believe there is a God.

Our Principles.

We are Christian Spiritualists, we follow the teachings of Jesus.

In Mark 12:30, Jesus was asked about the most important commandment ‘The first is “Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God is the only Lord; love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” The second is this: “Love your neighbour as yourself” there is no commandment greater than these.’

We do not believe our techniques and principles apply only to Christians. Similar statements in other religions may be read here.

What we Do.

We are applying to register as a charity. 

Psydio provides a roadmap to help prople develop their psychic skills to be able to talk to spirit. 

Psydio supports the roadmap with events and training courses.

The Road Map is:

1. Introduce people to life after death and the existence of Spiritworld

2. Encourage the joining of a community of like minded people (attend Christian Spiritualist Church)

3. Read about people who have the ability (Read Laura Byrne for instance)

4. Find out how strong the ability is (join an open circle and give readings to others)

5. Practise meditation. (30 minutes a day)

Is there a God? (Charles' view)

A question that has been continually asked for thousands of years. This question is in itself an indication that he does exist. If the answer was No, wouldn’t we have stopped asking it years ago? 

For the question to keep being asked, people must be seeing evidence to show that he exists. There is evidence all around us, every day Psydio transmits readings, these messages, heard by many provide evidence that Spiritworld exists. A miracle is defined as “an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.” Messages are miracles. Scientists don’t believe in them and spend much time and effort trying to debunk them, with society they have been successful, with individuals who have received messages they are not. I believe God wants you to believe he exists, he wants you to believe it in your heart, he wants you to accept him without coercion. He doesn’t want to prove it to you, he doesn’t want you to resent him, he wants you to be his friend, not his subject.

Evidence for the existence of a world we cannot see, cannot measure, cannot study and the miracles being performed every day, is not proof that God exists, but is evidence. Many different beliefs and in particular the Christian bible and Muslim Koran point to the existence of God, there is enough evidence to support a belief in God, but it cannot be proved. 

God talks directly to people around the world, some feel his presence in a sudden upliftment of their spirits when he touches them, others might hear an answer to their prayers. I hear God.  

I will quite happily put my hand on the bible and tell people he exists. I love him and he is my friend, how could I do otherwise?